DESIGNERS / Maciej Torbé (Poland)

My name is Maciej Torbé, I live in Poland. I always was curious how the things work. Since childhood I liked fixing and building things in my father's workshop. I started with toys, bicycles, then motorcycles and my first car. I had many ideas for things I could create. I built my own bass guitar and a pair of custom HiFi speakers. I wished to make my own camping knife someday so I found tutorial videos and Polish knifemaking forum. I prepared myself so that finally I was able to create my first blade. I totally swallowed the bait. Shortly after I built my first belt grinder and that's how it all started!
I design and make my knives and gear gadgets since 2012. I like the whole process though my favourite parts of knifemaking are designing and getting feedback from satisfied customers.
Mostly I make midsize and large heavy duty blades. Through all these years I've created my own original style. I use a pretty distinctive combination of details like jimpings, incline grind lines, swedges and triangle lanyard holes. Also I always care for my products to be fully functional and ergonomic tools. My favourite materials are Sleipner steel, laminates like g10 or micartas. Most of my blades have black or dark finish. I make acid washes, hot oxidizing and now my favourite type of coating is DLC.